Special Tours

Special Tours at Patterson Fruit FarmSpecial Tours for Special Folks
8765 Mulberry Location

We welcome groups who have older children, teens or adults who require wheelchair, special care or simpler explanations of our farm because of shorter attention spans and special needs.

You will have a guide to lead you to your own pavilion where you can have lunch (if you bring it) and stay as long as you like. The guide will take you on a 20 minute wagon ride around the orchards where you can pick apples if you would like (95 cents a pound) or one 10 pound bag for $9.50). You can select pumpkins or visit the apple barn for fall decorations. Cost is $3.00 a person (no cost for staff) with a minimum of $50.00. If paying by purchase order we must have the number in advance.

Cancellations must be phoned in early morning so we can cancel our tour guide and driver.

Scheduling Tours: It is best to schedule via email:tours@pattersonfarm.com. We send a confirmation that acknowledges cost, times and date along with specific directions for the drivers once you have confirmed your arrangements with us.  You may also call Mindy at 440-223-4159.

Maple Tours in March

While these tours are for groups of 25 at most, a second or third group can be added by allowing additional time. Each group goes out to the woods to see where the maple trees have been tapped. Hopefully they will see sap running or dripping out of the spiles into the buckets. They will learn about some history of maple syrup making as well as view the evaporator once they are inside the sugarhouse. Finally they will have mini pancakes as a way of sampling real maple syrup. While we never know if we will be making syrup, we try our best to help the children understand the process. Must be dressed for outdoor ride on wagon to the woods.

Cost: $4.00 per person (no charge for teacher or staff); minimum $60.00.
Location: 8765 Mulberry Rd sugarhouse
Time: Minimum of 45 minutes per group of 25

Strawberry Picking Time

Summer children's groups can schedule a time to come to the pick your own strawberries fields at 8765 Mulberry Rd in June. The children board a wagon to travel around the farm making stops at the apple trees to see the progress of the little apples, at the maple trees to see how different those trees are that produce maple syrup, at the barn to see where the horses live, at the pond to note how important water is to farming and finally to the strawberry fields where they learn to pick strawberries and actually pick a large cup of strawberries. Back at a pavilion they can have lunch, play or simply relax a bit.

Cost: $4.00 per person who picks strawberries; minimum $60.00.
Time: 45 minutes per group of 25.