Hay Rides

Are you looking for a location for your family reunion, business picnic or organization´s activity? We have small picnic shelters and one large pavilion in addition to a barn and sugarhouse where groups can relax and enjoy an afternoon or evening in the country. These facilities are available from May through November with the exception of the large pavilion, which is only available spring and summer. Whether or not you choose a pleasant summer day or a crisp fall night, these gatherings in the country can be a delightful and easy way to entertain.

Hayrides at Patterson Fruit FarmIn all cases you bring anything from hot dogs and marshmallows to a catered dinner along with all the supplies you need to prepare the food you've brought. We supply the picnic tables, a lighted bonfire with additional wood for keeping the fire going, portajohns, and lantern lighting. A tractor will pull the wagons through a 1/2-hour trip around our farm. While the barn, sugarhouse and large pavilion are accessible by car, the smaller shelters are dependent on the hayride to deliver you to and from the parking area. That means you must all arrive and leave together in order to use one of the small shelters. Weather related cancellations can be made the day of the event. Return of the deposit depends entirely on weather. There is no specific time constraint to your event unless it bridges afternoon and evening. At that point we will negotiate. Evening events end at 11:30 p.m. Out of deference to our neighbors, there is NO music with amplification. Both music and the option of alcohol must be discussed with the Patterson's before the event is scheduled.

A deposit must be received immediately upon scheduling to guarantee your reservation. We accept Master Card or Visa, check and cash. Final payment is due at the time of the event. There is no refund for rainy weather events held in the sugarhouse or barn. Prices include everyone attending except infants two years old and younger who are free. A 5 foot charcoal grill is available for a $50.00 rental fee (you provide the charcoal). A mushroom heater is also available for $50.00. Clambakes cost an additional $50.00. Our areas close at 11:30 p.m.

We look forward to helping you plan your special event at Patterson´s! For information it is best to email nancy@pattersonfarm.com or call 440-729-9809.

Horse drawn hayrides at Patterson Fruit FarmHayride with Pavilion

Private picnic shelters (no sides) which hold four to six picnic tables. If the barn or sugarhouse area is not reserved you may switch to one of these facilities in case of rain (first called, first asked) for the same price as the shelter. Please note that your food and equipment is delivered to your shelter separately from your hayride. Cost is for all people regardless of whether they ride or not. One ride each way.
Cost: $200.00 minimum at $7.00 per person.

Hayride with Barn Area

40' x 40' barn room where you can have an indoor/outdoor large group activity (cement floor). NO SMOKING. You are in walking distance of your cars so you can come and go at any time during your event. An overhang area is available for outdoor cooking. This facility is guaranteed regardless of the weather. No returned deposit; however, there will be a reduction in cost if the hayride cannot be held.
Cost: $400 minimum at $5.00 per person.

Hayride with Sugarhouse

A cozy sugarhouse where you will have use of the large fireplace for warmth and/or cooking in addition to the usual bonfire. Some limited additional heat makes this room a little warmer. Again, you can walk to and from your cars so you can come and go at will. This facility is guaranteed regardless of the weather. No returned deposit; however, there will be a reduction in cost if the hayride cannot be held.
Cost: $350.00 minimum.

Hayride with Barn/Sugarhouse Area

Combined sugarhouse/barn area for a larger group or for more indoor space.

Cost: $800 minimum at $5.00 per person.
Deposit: $200 non-refundable