Photo Album

Take a minute to browse our Family Fun Fest photo album below. You'll see all the fun you and your family will have playing in our hay stacks, climbing into our tree house, sliding down the 50 foot double slide, riding ponies, painting pumpkins, finding your way through our corn maze. We could go on and on! Click the thumbnail photos below to see photos to the right, use the arrows to scroll.



Welcome to the Patterson Family Fun Fest, you can buy your tickets here!


We have pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, pick one now or after you visit the fun fest!


Waiting patiently to board the wagon


Roland will drive the tractor that takes you to all the fun

riding back

The tractor pulled wagon will take you back to the fun fest area

walking in

Walking in to explore the fun that awaits


First, pose for a quick picture


Our hay barn is often the first stop on a fun-filled adventure!


Endless fun with bales of hay and tunnels and slides


It's always fun to throw hay around


When you've had enough of the hay, there's much more fun to be had!

Pick a pumpkin

Pick and paint a pumpkin


Paint shirts provided, let your creativity flow!

face painting

Or let our artists paint fun images on your face!


Head on over to the popular play area

apple eating

Munch on our fresh apples while you play

red tractor

Farm-themed fun for the kids


Climb around inside our giant wooden tractor

real tractor

Or, climb up into our real tractor and play with the controls


Our stilts are a fun challenge for all age groups

Corn maze

Try finding your way through our corn maze!

barn hay kids

Fun, outdoor play at every turn

sand canoe and teepee1

Kids love our sand canoe and exploring the teepee

sand canoe and teepee 2

More fun with the sand canoe

track 1

Race around the track in our play area

Track 2

Fun for all ages

Food stand

Pack your lunch or buy from one of our concession stands

delicious food

Enjoy homemade apple-flavored treats, delicious!

tree house

Explore and climb through our massive tree house

slide 1

Try our our 50 foot double slide.

slide 2

Fun for the whole family!

Pony rides 1

Try out our guided pony rides.

Pony rides 2

Kids love our ponies!

Exploring the farm

Lots of ways to explore the farm

Horse drawn wagon rides around the farm

Enjoy a horse drawn wagon ride around the farm.

Picking Apples

Don't forget to pick some apples before you leave.


And if you didn't pick a pumpkin on the way in, now's the time! Happy Halloween!

Fun Fest Entrance

See you when the fest opens on September 15, 2012!