Group Events

Patterson Fun Fest Group EventsGroup Discount Rates
Contact Nancy Patterson or call 440-729-9809 for group ticket pricing.  Minimum group size 25 people.

(tickets must be purchased at the same time by the same person)

Same Day Ticket Pick-up

Group Leaders can pick up wristbands at the Apple Barn (entrance to the Fun Fest) the day of the event. No ticket is necessary and no waiting in the ticket booth line. The Group will hand out the wristbands as participants arrive. Then participants can simply join the line waiting to ride to the Fest area. We do NOT hand out wristbands to your group. Any unused (undistributed) wristbands can be returned at the end of the event. Please check in with our Group Coordinator.


Presale Tickets

Pre-sale Tickets

Pre-sale tickets can be purchased at the Apple Barn (entrance to the Family Fun Fest) during regular week-day business hours (10 – 6:00 Monday through Friday during the fest season. Tickets must be redeemed by the holder the day of the event at our ticket booth for a wristband. We do not mail or arrange pick-up of presale tickets.

Shelter Rentals for Fun Fest Groups (Call 440-729-9809)

  • Rental Option #1 – reservable $125.00
    Iroquois Shelter
    Includes electricity, 3 car passes, use of shelter between 10am and 4:30pm
  • Rental Option #2 – reservable $75 per two hours – $100.00 for all day (10am – 4:30pm)
    Tent-covered picnic tables
    Includes four picnic tables (shelter has no sides or ends), one car pass, electric available for $10.00
  • Group Option #3 – non-reservable
    Picnic tables first come first serve. We reserve the right to limit the number of tables used by a single group based on attendance or weather.

Groups need to check in at the Apple Barn (entrance to the Fun Fest) the day of the event with our Group Coordinator. Here we will discuss details for the day and groups can get their car parking passes. No cars will be allowed back or permitted to stay without a car pass.

Groups that are not scheduled will be allowed to drive back and unload, then park up front. They still need to check in with our Group Coordinator, prior to driving back, to obtain a temporary parking pass.

Pumpkin paintingGroup Pumpkin Painting

There is no group discount for pumpkin painting. You can, however, arrange a time to paint as a group by checking in with our Information/Ticket booth back in the Fun Fest area the day of your event.

Cider for Groups

Cider is available to groups at a discounted rate. Please ask the Information/Ticket booth back in the Fun Fest area the day of your event.