Patterson ApplesEach week as we head through September and October there are more and more apple varieties available to please your palate. Always there are samples of apples available so you can choose which kind you would like to purchase that week.

Did you know that apples change through the season? The apples that ripen earlier may have that perfect combination of spark and crispness. As the season progresses they may lose their appeal and others ripen to take their place. Mid-season varieties are of the greatest number and late-season varieties are the ones that last best into the winter. When an apple is picked during the season depends on its growing season (some are longer than others) and how much moisture and sun it had during those ripening days of summer. Finally the cold nights and warm days of the autumn give apples their finishing color and flavor. Knowing just when to pick an apple is important to the taste and keeping qualities of that apple.

As apples ripen and are picked, just the mere storage of them at the perfect temperature and moisture level, will help them lose their "starchiness" and gain in flavor. That means that the starch of the pulp converts to sugar causing the apple to become more full-flavored after a week or so of its picking. While some apples are just not going to stay crisp, others have their crispness as one of their best traits. The best thing for customers to do is to take home the amount of apples they can keep refrigerated then come back for more in another two or three weeks. Some customers come back weekly and buy a different variety each time.

Most apples are good for eating out of hand, for cooking and for baking. While it is difficult to know the likes of each customer, we supply this following chart to try to help you out. We will advise you on the best choices for the time of the great fall season and beyond. What makes an apple a great "cooking and baking" apple? Holding its shape while baking through is important. Flavor is very important, of course.

For eating out of hand there is no better way to decide which apple to take than to try a sample – every week. There are so many new varieties these days that you should not let an unfamiliar name keep you from trying it.

Ripening Dates & Uses

Variety Flavor Texture Season Eating Baking Pies Sauce Description
Lodi Extremely Tart Hard July     Fantastic summer cooking apple, extremely tart!
Transparent Extremely Tart Hard July     Fantastic summer cooking apple, extremely tart!
Earligold Tart Hard Late July   Tart, great summer eating, pie, and sauce apple.
Jersey Mac Mild Crisp August   First sweet, crisp apple of the year!
Paula Red Tart Crisp August   Tart, great summer eating, pie, and sauce apple.
Zestar Sweet/Tart Crisp  Late August   A combination of sweet and tart, great for eating, pies, and sauce!
Ginger Gold  Sweet/Tart  Crisp  Late August  Mild flavor with a tart finish. Resists browning well.
Gala  Sweet  Hard  Sept 1 – Oct 31      Firm, crisp, and sweet. A thin skinned eating and saucing apple. Kids love it! 
Honeycrisp  Sweet/Tart  Explosively Crisp  Sept 1 – Nov 30      Explosively crisp, juicy, and sweet with rich flavor. our most popular eating apple! 
Akane Tart Crisp Early September An early type of Jonathan. Tart and Crisp!
Golden Supreme Sweet Hard Sept 10 – Sept 30   Early sweet apple, great for eating, pies, and sauce!
Silken Sweet Hard Mid September       Firm, crisp, sweet, and very aromatic. A great early choice to replace golden delicious!
McIntosh Mild Crisp Sept 10 – Oct 31   A pleasant eating apple with a unique flavor. Bakes soft in pies, and make a great applesauce!
Jonathan Tart Hard Sept 15 – Oct 31 Medium-sized tart apple. Great for eating, baking, pies, and sauce!
Cortland Tart Crisp Sept 15 – Oct 31 Sweet, crisp apple. Very white flesh. Holds its shape while backing, great for pies and sauce, too!
Jonamac Mild Crisp Mid September   Rich, spicy flavor. Excellent for pies, sauce, and snacking!
Jonagold Sweet/Tart Crisp Sept 20 – Oct 31 Honey sweet with a tint of tartness. Excellent for eating, baking, pies, and sauce.
Shizuka Sweet/Tart Crips October 1st       A milder, sweeter apple, great for eating!
Macoun Mild Crisp Oct 1 – Oct 31       Extra sweet and aromatic, very juicy with a tender snow white finish. Excellent for eating!
Mutsu/Crispin Sweet/Tart Crisp Oct 1 – Nov 30 Very crisp and juicy. Sweet yet very refreshing! Good for eating, baking, sauce, and pies!
Empire Sweet/Mild Crisp Sept 20 – Dec 31   A wonderful blend of sweet and tart. Crisp and juicy. Makes a great pink applesauce.
Melrose Tart/Mild Hard Early Oct – Winter Rich flavor, and course, juicy flesh. Holds its flavor and shape while baking. Excellent for eating! This is Ohio's state apple!
Red Delicious Sweet Hard Early Oct – Winter       Sweet and hard, a good eating apple!
Golden Delicious Sweet Hard Early Oct – Winter Mild, sweet flavor. Juicy and crisp. Great for baking, pies, and sauce, and you can cut down the amount of sugar you use!
Ida Red Tart Hard Early Oct – Winter   Sweetly tart and juicy. Excellent for baking and pies. Cook with skin on to make a nice pink applesauce!
Cameo Sweet Crisp Mid Oct – Winter Crispy with a sweet tart flavor. Excellent for eating.
Stayman-Winesap Tart Hard Mid Oct – Winter Tart! Tender, juicy flesh. Excellent for eating and baking!
Fuji Sweet Crisp Late Oct – Winter       Super sweet, super juicy, super crisp! Excellent eating apple!
Suncrisp Sweet/Tart Crisp Late Oct – Winter   Very crisp, spice taste. Great for eating, pies, and sauce!
Braeburn Tart Hard Late Oct – Winter   Old fashioned apple with a sweet tangy flavor. Smooth, crisp texture!
Granny Smith Tart Hard Late Oct – Winter     A tart, hard apple. Ships and stores very well!
Goldrush Very Tart Hard Late Oct – Winter     Complex, rich, spicy flavor. Crisp, firm texture!
Northern Spy Tart Hard Early Oct – Winter   Quintessential baking apple! A little too robust for eating, fabolous for baking, sauce, and especially pies!